Our patented Avatar Qualified Live Leads software masks our foreign agents accents so that they can qualify sales leads without any productivity loss. Prospects prefer a sales pitch delivered by non-foreigners. When lead generation operators have a foreign accent, conversion drops by 80%. Our software allows your agents to convert prospects into potential sales while giving our clients the benefit of inexpensive labor.

No other Avatar Qualified Live Leads company can generate live transfers or set appointments at the cost or the quality of our software-enabled telemarketers.


Our team

Our team of script writing experts will work with you to develop the perfect sales pitch with all of the responses that an agent may encounter. If you are not sure of your script writing prowess, we can develop the script unaided. We then record the entire pitch with any of the common words we may need, such as “yes” or “no.” and “OK sure!”.  At this point, the appropriate script  for the sale type is sent out to a voice talent for recording. Once the recording is approved, it is split into sound bites and attached to a soundboard.


That is part of our reporting system. After the initial training and certification process, our agents commence dialing and pitch prospective clients using the soundboard to advance the sales and make qualified live transfers to your closers or set appointments.

Why We Are Effective


Our patented software takes the complexity of a sales pitch and reduces it to the simplicity of pushing a button. Once the recordings are loaded onto the soundboard, our agents are instantly professional salespeople!

Our agents only need to be effective listeners. There is no reason to train them on how to sell because our software does the selling for them.

Changes in the sales process are easily implemented by loading a new recording onto the soundboard, without any headaches.

What Does A Team Look Like?

To start your team off, we first assign you an Account Manager, and Script Writing professional to create a script and launch an effective campaign in a short period of time.

Our company has extremely experienced agents and staff, that enables us to launch multiple telemarketing campaigns a week. We have enough people with expertise to launch and run all your campaigns. We provide all job functions in terms of assembling, training, launching, and running your telemarketing team.

Our Agents


We provide training and certification to our agents. Once our agents have successfully completed the training, they become a qualified agent assigned to handle different campaigns. As your campaign expands, we train and deploy additional agents to generate more leads and qualified live transfers. With our well-trained agents and high seat capacity, clients can easily scale their telemarketing team through their assigned Account Manager.

What Kind Of Reporting Is Available?

All clients have access to our reporting system as well as our manual dialing platform. We promote transparency by giving our clients the ability to access and view their daily reports and sales metrics in real time.

We make sure to track everything from the login time, total dials, agent dials, and lead dispositions. Every transfer or set appointment is tracked on a separate report together with the conversation recordings for quality and verification purposes.

Our Pricing

  • $2000 – Pricing for 10 call center agents at 40 hours per week, with voiceless software technology and a personal campaign manager.  (Data not Included but can be provided, approximately 100,000 records needed per week.)  
  • $4-$5 per call – Most campaigns will generate 400-500 calls per week, before data cost and generally $6-$8 including data costs.

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