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  • If you sell Final Expense Insurance, then you know the key to success is a consistent, reliable, on demand lead source. We at LiveLeads.Guru, have a system that covers all of these needs and so much more!!
  • Our marketing systems target high interest seniors in your area, and deliver those interested parties, right to your phone, in real time and only during the times the you specify using our unique Live Transfer Final Expense leads system.
  • These Final Expense leads have some of the highest closing ratios in the industry and with the baby boomer population still on the rise, the supply of the leads is nearly limitless!
  • If you are a call center or insurance agency looking for highly targeted quality leads, Our Live Transfer Final Expense leads come from one of the most extensive and accurate senior databases in the industry. With our years of experience we have collected highly coveted “responder data” of seniors who are likely to respond to this advertising.
  • Lets face it, most Seniors still don’t use the internet, so the best way to reach them is on their home phone. (Yes, most seniors still have a home phone and will answer it !!) making this a perfect way to reach them.
  • So give us a call today and find out how we can have your phone ringing off the hook, in under 24 hours, with Live, interested, qualified seniors looking for a Final Expense Insurance quote.

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We deliver final expense leads for every budget starting at $790 for 200 Leads direct to you for every level of qualification, using our patented live transfers technology.
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