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Ask any insurance agent that sells health insurance, and they will tell you the Number One Key to their success is finding a high quality health insurance leads provider.

Your search for that Health Insurance Leads provider JUST ENDED! Welcome to Live Leads GURU!  – We find interested, motivated and qualified health insurance prospects and send them right to your phone in real time !!

  • No more calling back and never reaching the prospect or calling on shared leads only to find out you are the 20th person who called in the last 10 minutes!

  • Our goal is to match health insurance agents with exclusive, qualified, live leads and deliver them to you 1 at a time or 100’s at a time,  based on your needs!

  • We can search for any demographic filter or geographic area you want so that you only receive calls from the people and areas you select!! 

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Whether you are selling major medical health insurance, short-term health plans, discount plans, or bringing people through the federal exchange or state exchanges, we can help.

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