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Our cutting edge digital platform generates the Highest Quality Unique Live Leads.

Your search for a Business or Home Security Alarm leads generation JUST ENDED! Welcome to Live Leads Guru!  – We find interested, motivated and qualified Business or Home Security Live Transfer prospects and send them right to your phone in real time !! – We supply our customers with Data for Home Security and Home Alarm Leads Free with your Live Transfer Leads Order.

Our Home Security Live Transfer Leads Call Technology makes the calls for you, asking if they are interested in a Home Alarm System. When interested, they are live transferred in real time to your phones.

  • We first identify your service area, then select your data for the campaign based on age, income FICO score and home ownership. We then find the people on this list that are most interested in a Home Security System or Home Alarm System and transfer them immediately over to you, in real time and on your schedule.  

  • Our web based dashboard makes the campaign easy to turn on and off and you can even speed up or slow down the volume of leads coming in, so there is no “waiting around” for long periods for your leads to come in. With our ” Auto Shut OFF” feature it means there are no leads coming in while you are already on the phone !!

  • We can search for any demographic filter or geographic area you want so that you only receive calls from the people and areas you select!! – You then have the ability to receive high quality / motivated Pre-Qualified Live Transfer Home Security leads on demand.

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Live Leads Guru provides the best service in the industry and the most up to date lead data assuring your home security leads have a high closing ratio and a profitable ROI.

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