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Our cutting edge digital platform generates the Highest Quality Unique Live Leads.

Live Leads GURU Medicare supplement live leads target customers turning 65 or over 65 that are still medically able to qualify in your licensed states. We have different formats, that allow for even more specific qualifying and then once we establish the person’s eligibility and interest level, we transfer them directly to your phone in real time.

If you think about it, most seniors are still reluctant to use the computer these days, so the home phone is the very best way to reach these prospects. And YES, most seniors still have home phones and they will answer their home phone!

  • Your leads are 100% exclusive and come directly to you and you alone.

  • NO MORE SHARED LEADS, where you are the 20th person to talk to them that same day.

  • We have the largest database of seniors in the industry.

  • We provide specific lists called “responder lists” that target seniors who are more likely to pick up, improving your chances to make a sale quickly.

  • We can help with your script and even hear recordings of seniors agents pitching and closing the sale to help improve your skills.

  • Finally, we have 4 unique methods to target and qualify these leads to suit your needs. 

We have a program to fit anything you would like. Give us a call now to hear more about the exciting and expanding industry.

Your search for an experienced lead organization who knows how to deliver high-quality Medicare Supplement Insurance leads stops here!  LiveLeads.GURU is the leader in real time, exclusive Medicare supplement leads.  We have an extensive database of seniors who respond quickly to our advertising and generates an Exclusive Live Lead Transfer in real time to your phone.

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Our Cost Per Sale (CPS) is the lowest of any program in the industry.

How many $40 internet leads does it take for you to have a 5 minute plus talk time? You will have 2 calls that long on our system for the same $40 !!!

LiveLeads.GURU’s Medicare Leads program selectively targets seniors reaching Medicare eligibility in your geographic area as well as seniors already on Medicare that are likely to have had rate increases and are still healthy enough to switch creating a goldmine of opportunity for you!

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