Qualified Live Leads are the premier product for your campaign. We present 2-3 minutes of your pre-set qualifying questions to callers and transfer only the best, most qualified interested parties. Your closing ratios are sure to be off the charts with this product. Qualified Live Leads are always exclusive and sent ONLY to Your Company.

You NEVER Compete With Other Businesses For The Same Prospects,
Significantly Reducing Your Closing Rates.

Benefits of Qualified Live Transfer Leads

  • 80% of sales go to the first company that speaks to the prospect—With Qualified Live Leads from www.LiveLeads.GURU you are ONLY one talking to this prospect.
  • Connect with prospects at the moment they are interested.
  • 100% Contact rate– We transfer an interested prospect live by phone! No waiting on stale email and paper leads!!
  • Our 200+ call center agents engage consumers in live conversations and verify the buying interest and qualification of each consumer before transferring them in real-time, so you only pay for actual consumer contacts.
  • Our database filtering and qualification verification, ensures your pre-defined filters are met so you’re connected with consumers who are qualified for the products you sell.
  • We confirm consumers want to speak with one of your agents right now, so you are only speaking to the qualified and interested prospects and avoid the cost AND time associated with dealing with poor quality leads
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • With your personal Account Manager and our Support team, you’ll have all the support you need to make your Qualified Live Transfer Leads campaign a SUCCESS!!


  • Qualified Live Transfer Leads convert 10X higher than clicks!
  • 80% of all sales go to the first company that speaks with a prospect.
  • Speaking with qualified and interested prospects that are exclusive to you and your company raises your conversions 400% over other products
  • Pricing varies from $15-$50 per call depending on vertical and data and filtering requirements

Our Pricing

$15 – $50 – Per Qualified live transfer leads depending on the product and level of qualifying done by our agents before the call is transferred to you.

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