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  • The LiveLeads.Guru Reverse Mortgage Leads Live Transfer system allows you to target homeowners who are 62 years of age or older, looking for financing to pay off their existing mortgage, avoid foreclosure or simply have some extra funds for retirement.
  • These seniors have a true sense of urgency since many are facing financial challenges and are motivated to move forward quickly on a Reverse Mortgage to satisfy that need.
  • We have the largest most extensive database of seniors in the industry and our years of experience has allowed us to collect the highly coveted and proprietary “responder data ” of seniors who are most likely to respond to your campaign.
  • The beauty of our senior campaigns is they focus on home phones and since most seniors are still not online yet this is a perfect way to reach them. In fact not only do most seniors have home phones, but they will answer their phone and they will be home during your office hours!! No need for late night calling sessions.
  • Live Leads Guru’s ability to deliver highly qualified Reverse Mortgage Leads could be invaluable to any bank or lender that is looking generate new Reverse Mortgage customers. Our Live Transfer Mortgage Leads technology will drive quality, relevant, targeted, exclusive reverse mortgage leads traffic to a bank or lender’s website. The “lead” company then works with the bank or lender to fine-tune their target audience demographic profiles, allowing them to selectively target the best potential new customers.
  • These are leads that are sold only to you and so there will be absolutely no competition, like with shared internet leads that have been called 20 times before you get them.

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